Web for Military Command Establishment



A public relations and media organization that is run by a formation of the U.S. armed forces was undertaking a massive website project and had run out of resources due to the scale of the work. They contacted Eyesore to help complete the assignment and deliver an informative site.


Eyesore started putting the pieces together, and:

  • Migrated around 12,000 pages of content
  • Managed all flat files with no previous structure for indexing
  • Designed and developed a new website with a CMS
  • Assimilated a new CMS system specifically built for the client to manage digital content
  • Completed the project within two and a half weeks

EYESORE RESULT: The new website met and exceeded the client’s goal of telling the stories of soldiers at home and on the front lines. When it was time for a rebrand, they once again trusted Eyesore to complete the project.