Web Application for National Political Conference

web application case study


A leading national event management company asked Eyesore to help with organizing and digitally managing a political party convention taking place in Philadelphia. Previously, the parties’ committee leadership of this convention experienced great inefficiencies and had resorted to handling thousands of housing arrangements on post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets.


Eyesore created a new mobile-friendly/optimized web application in CakePHP. Average turnaround time for an application of this magnitude could take as long as 6 months. The experienced Eyesore team completed the app in 60 days. The app managed 25,000 hotels rooms, 1,000 different delegation groups, and several hundred meeting spaces without a single bug reported.

  • Showed up-to-date availabilities for groups and room blocks
  • Displayed details such as number of beds, amenities, and price
  • Listed the availability and capacity of meeting spaces
  • Provided reports on overbookings and scenario creation
  • Allowed a blocking system so information could be updated without interference


The successful mobile-friendly app dramatically improved the efficiency of managing the event and was such a hit that it’s been rewritten in Go and adopted by other large convention clients.

Project Specs: