Photos, photos everywhere: An image database for an event management firm

Client Situation

Anybody who works in event management knows this: there are photos. A lot of photos.

That was certainly the case for our client, one of the country’s leading event management and experiential marketing firms. This California-based company works with top-tier brands like Microsoft, Home Depot and Oracle.*

The client’s designers had thousands of photos and graphics on their hands, scattered throughout the company on various hard drives, thumb drives and compact discs. It was taking them hours to locate and share images among employees, clients, and contractors… especially across multiple offices.

Eyesore Solution

The client tapped Eyesore to create an easy-to-use solution for cataloguing and organizing all of this valuable intellectual property.

  • Eyesore created a large image database, which currently houses 200,000 hi-res images (over a terabyte of data!). The database keeps scaling as more images are added.
  • We provided users with the ability to search by keywords or browse by categories – critical for finding whatever you need, fast.
  • We built a user-friendly online interface that allows staff to capture, tag and upload photos for automatic categorization. New images are easily added to the database.
  • We also installed a permissions system to keep these assets under control and limit misuse. Users only have access to images based on their designated level of permission (for example, “print only” or “permission to edit”), which keeps important images from being altered in any way.

Eyesore even offered real-time support during events, helping to ensure new images were correctly uploaded and categorized immediately.

Eyesore Results

The system that Eyesore created brought order to the chaos – and saved our client hundreds of hours in lost productivity, not to mention countless headaches among the event teams and designers. The database continues to grow with the company and has doubled in size since its creation.

*Note: Wondering why we didn’t refer to this client by name? This is a white-label project! Eyesore often supports agencies’ client work behind the scenes—don’t worry, your success is enough glory for us.