Cushions. Lots of Cushions.


Eyesore was contacted by a client with the goal of building a multi-functional, fully custom website to support their custom seat cushion manufacturing and distribution company. The website needed complex architecture to handle transactions from purchase all the way to delivery.

Eyesore Solution:

The client’s needs went beyond an ordinary WordPress site, so Eyesore built a custom site from the ground up, including the following functionalities:

  • A custom seat cushion configuration tool and quote generator that allows customers to design their own cushion, choosing from multiple styles, sizes and over 2000 fabrics.
  • Integration with an AS400 mainframe computer to create a workflow tool that coordinates transactions from ordering and invoicing to manufacturing and delivery.
  • A cut sheet generator for every order that is sent to the manufacturing floor, so workers have the correct dimensions to cut every piece of fabric.
  • An algorithm that integrates with the shipping provider to dynamically calculate the most cost effective way to combine multiple-piece orders for shipment.

Eyesore Result:

With so many processes integrated into the website, the client has a lesser need for manpower to manage the minutia of the day-to-day, resulting in a larger profit margin and fewer errors. They’ve experienced exponential growth since the launch of the website and now have a thriving custom cushion empire!