Apps for an International Home Improvement Retailer


An agency working with an international home improvement retailer approached Eyesore to help streamline and reduce costs of an annual summit for its store managers. The company had previously relied on physical materials such as print, large custom displays, and physical demonstrations for each separate department booth. Eyesore was tasked with coming up with a creative digital solution to these booths.

Eyesore Solution:
To address this need, Eyesore created apps — a lot of them. In just 8 weeks, our team developed 8 different systems for 4 internal departments for a collective total of 14 distinct web and mobile apps.

These included:

  • A digitized comment board consisting of iPad Pros for attendees to “post” their feedback on a large display
  • A trivia game with moderator and leaderboard capabilities,
  • A survey and voting app,
  • And store-based look-up apps for managers to compare their performance with that of their peers.

The success of this initiative not only dramatically lowered costs for the summit, but also provided a heightened an enhanced user experience for attendees. Furthermore, digitizing department booths adds reusability to the show, as the apps can be constantly updated or tweaked to be used again. As a result, our work is helping to bring the company to the forefront of emerging technologies.