ADA Compliant WordPress Multisite for International Irish Pub

Pint of beer


An international chain of Irish pubs needed a website for 15 nationwide locations and a sister restaurant.  Eyesore was hired by their agency to redesign the website, increase their customer experience and engagement, and take the UI and functionality to the next level.

Eyesore Solution:

Utilizing WordPress Multisite, Eyesore created two websites that service all 15 locations as well as their sister restaurant locations. In the interest of better serving their clients, the new sites are now ADA compliant. Other components developed by Eyesore include:

  • Custom plugin for store managers: Irish pubs are known for a few things-great pub food, stout drinks, and their ability to quench a rabid appetite for sports, namely soccer. Eyesore created a plugin that allows store managers to select what games they will be playing from a Google spreadsheet and automatically display the results on the corresponding location’s website. This negates the need to update the website with game listings, saving managers time and frustration every day.
  • Geolocation: When customers visit the pub’s mother website, they’re taken to the page of the location nearest to them. This elegant solution provides visitors with the content they’re searching for with minimal effort.

Eyesore Result:

The Eyesore team created a best-in-class solution that is ADA compliant, modern and achieves all of the client’s goals. The new website offers visitors an experience that is above and beyond what they might expect from the average pub, and this is evident due to a drastic increase in customer visits. On the back end, the website is easier to maintain and more secure. Bottom line—both store managers and pub customers love interacting with the new website because they’re greeted with a sleek user interface and an intuitive user experience.