A nonprofit’s app for awarding grants to teachers

Client Situation
Here’s something you might not know: teachers often have to reach into their own pockets to buy the tools and materials that help them educate students.
Our client, a nonprofit that provides financial grants to teachers, gives them a leg up. Twice a year, the client awards grants for classroom teaching tools and course-related field trips—providing great educators with the resources they need to help students learn and succeed.
But the client‘s team was spending a lot of time coordinating a cumbersome paper-based application system. Twice a year, the team had to…

  • Distribute stacks of paper applications to teachers.
  • Receive completed applications and process them.
  • Physically white out out the names of schools and teachers (to avoid bias by reviewers).
  • Make copies of the applications for 20 different reviewers.
  • Mail out the reviewer packages.
  • Wait to receive each application back.
  • Compile the scores and feedback from all the reviewers.
  • Return the packages to the leadership for final decisions and approval.

…You get the idea. Not only was this system eating up a ton of the staff’s time, it was also killing a boatload of trees in the process. (Not to mention: the cost of postage and dead time spent waiting for documents to inch their way through the mail.)

Eyesore Solution
The Eyesore team created a web-based app that streamlined this process in a big way.
Now, with the new app, teachers simply fill out the application on the client’s website. On the deadline date, those applications are cut off and submitted to the administrators, where they’re assigned online to designated reviewers.
Those reviewers simply log in, determine scores and provide feedback on each candidate. Those scores are automatically tallied. The final decision-makers are then able to log into a special dashboard where they can see the status of all applications and scores before making the final calls.

Eyesore Results

It’s no exaggeration to say Eyesore’s new online app cut 75-80 percent of the staff time needed to manage this process, which frees up those resources to focus on other priorities.
The new app also eliminated many of the “bottlenecks” that happen when so many different hands have to touch one document to move it forward – a big deal for a nonprofit trying to maximize resources at all times.
No more waste. No more delays. Lots more time to do good works.