App Case Studies

App for Marketing Firms

One of the country’s most respected event management and experiential marketing firms (working with companies like Microsoft, Verizon, and Oracle) based in California needed a way to get thousands of photos and graphics organized. Eyesore jumped in and brought order to the chaos – and saved the client hundreds of hours in lost productivity.

App for Software Companies

An Atlanta-based software development company used to kill a forest’s worth of trees for their annual user conferences. Imagine the logistics of trying to print and distribute schedules, maps, reservation details, and other administrative information. Changes? Another set of headaches.

Paging Dr. Eyesore: A management system for medical staffing.

Eyesore improved the health of a medical personnel agency that had a wheezy old staff management system that relied on landline telephones and paper to keep track of 500+ nurses providing in-home care. The prescription: an Eyesore mobile app combined with an Eyesore web-based management interface.

App for Education

Here are the challenges: get rid of a clunky, old, time-wasting, paper-based system of awarding financial grants to teachers. Our client provides grants to teachers twice a year for classroom teaching tools and course-related field trips. Wouldn’t you like to cut 75-80% of staff time to get your projects done? Let Eyesore show you how.

App for Businesses

Imagine the mountain of paperwork, data entry time, and possibilities for errors in trying to collect data using fax forms sent in by owners of 100 gas stations EVERY DAY. One company got fed up with the hassles and called for help from Eyesore. See what we can do for you!

App for the Entertainment Industry

To build a system to streamline and manage a talent show at an international company’s annual meeting in Las Vegas. The system had to: Be accessible to all store employees worldwide, Allow uploads of video, audio, and text submissions, Give company management and employees ability to review submissions and vote for those that should perform live at the show, Be Web based but mobile access friendly.