It’s Ok To Call Us The Dream Team

You can also call Eyesore digital-marketing-online-butt kickers. Eyesore Interactive’s team of content experts, developers, and programmers, create the online presence, tools,
systems, and applications that not only wow your visitors, but also move your company forward to success.

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With an unending supply of energy and a fair amount of business sense, Garrett started Eyesore, Inc. with the goal of doing what he loves while helping others achieve their goal of furthering private businesses, organizations and government entities.


Systems Development Lead

A web developer with a background in linguistics, Trey brings a host of skills to any project. Serving as Eyesore’s development lead, Trey is tasked with making the impossible happen.


Senior Frontend Web Developer & Service Manager

With the roar of a mighty Scandinavian warrior, Zach develops websites, and squashes bugs. Truly a man born on the Internet, Zach is a website owner’s best friend.


Backend Web Developer

Remarkable? Yes. Dependable? Certainly. Talented? Beyond a doubt. Jesse is… well… he is Jesse. Meet this guy one time and you will be thrilled and confident that you are in good hands.


Senior Frontend Web Developer

Buffoonery. If his daily demeanor had to be described with just one word, it’d be buffoonery. Behind the bad one-liners and puns is a front-end developer that enjoys a solid challenge and accomplishing the impossible.


Backend Web Developer

A Russian transplant to Georgia, this back-end developer has overcome some steep learning curves to earn his place in our growing company and impress us all.


Web Developer

Nick has a penchant for mathematics and will use his highly developed analytical skills to make your project as efficient as possible.


Web Developer

Gerardo is a frontend web developer who assists in maintaining new and existing WordPress sites. Before getting here he studied in a technical school for three years, earning his Associates Degree in Computer Programming. Gerardo enjoys anime, video games and exercise.


Project Coordinator

Beth dreamt of running away to join the circus. Manifestation is real: rural outsourcing brought the circus to her. Her love of change, communication, and solving puzzles makes the constant motion of the production calendar feel like home.

Emmy Nominated Isaac

Web Developer

“Follow your dreams!” After a 10 year career in television at an ATL station, Isaac pursued and earned an MS in CS.


UI/UX Design

Bethany is an experienced digital designer who brings a business-first approach to every project. She believes that when we understand our customer’s goals we can build better experiences online.


Social Media Coordinator

Sanna (pronounced Suh-nuh) Haynes is a social media professional by day, a sketch comedian by night, and a filmmaker & actor sometimes.

Eyesore Recruits You!

Don’t Tell Your Boss

Pssssttt! If you’re tired of your cranky, annoying co-workers and that supervisor who never says thank you for all your hard work, why not consider giving Eyesore a call? We’re looking for new talent to join our team – programmers, developers, app designers, graphics folks.


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To help our partners make the Internet a better place
– one Eyesore at a time.

Eyesore Founder, Garrett Massey